Parts sources that can save you money!

Hi, all! I’ve been asked to put together a section of some of the parts sources I’ve found for both replacement and custom parts. One thing to remember, if you are a member of the BMW Club of America, you can get discounts on parts and service from most BMW dealers in the area, as well as a few independents. I’ve saved way more than the cost of the membership just in parts from Russell BMW!

This is the list, from the Nation Capitol Chapter:

The following lists participating dealerships and their associated price discounts.  Please note that this list is subject to constant change.  You must always present your BMWCCA membership card before ordering parts or requesting price quotes.

20% Off MSRP:

  • Russel
  • Tischer

15% Off MSRP:

  • Northwest

10% Off MSRP:

  • Towson

15% Off Dealers List Price:

  • Fairfax
  • Passport

10% Off Dealers List Price:

  • Arlington
  • VOB
  • Sterling
  • Tate

This can be very handy when you need a part or service and you can’t wait for something to ship from an internet vendor.

Here are some of the other vendors that people have had good luck with:

Max, the owner, is a great guy. he’s been known to help out customers that have been stranded far from home by sending parts to get them home, then working out payment afterwards. That’s a rare trait, and along with his support of, shows his company as one to be supported.

Autohauz Arizona

Another great source of replacement parts at wholesale prices.

Scubaa Steve

Great source of quality used parts.

Radiator AC Imports

This is where I got my Behr replacement radiator. About $150 and easy to change if you need to.

Car Parts Wholesale

Good source for body parts, like bumper trim and fenders. They also carry a bunch of custom parts like custom taillights, but things like that tend to cost quite a bit more than other sources (for example my LED taillights were $175/pair, but they list them there for over $300)

FCP Groton

I’ve used them, but have not had good luck with their parts. And a lot of other people on the forums have had their suspension parts go bad after a few short miles. There have also been stories of poor customer service/warranty issues.



Apparently, the owners listened to the complaints and changed suppliers. they admitted they lost their quality control and are taking steps to win back the BMW community. Follow this link to an informative post/thread on the subject. If this is true, it’s good news for all of us.


And of course, Ebay search one and search two. Some good deals, but some cheesy stuff, too. I got my LED taillights, clear corners, side markers, chrome trunk trim, painted rear spoiler, wheels and even good used tires from here.

Anyone else that has found some great vendors, or had bad luck with certain vendors, please, chime in and let your fellow E38 owners know about them!


March Mini-Meet is done!

Managed to get 7 7s to brave the weather and show up for the first monthly midatlantic7s get together.


Front to back, Brian, Rob, Aaron, Larry, Harry, Chris, and myself (Chris V).

Check out all the pics in the Gallery
Spent an hour and a half chatting, while everyone arrived, and got a new member, Rob (black 740 with black wheels) who happened to be at the mall when we gathered up. Larry gets the long distance award, having come out from Indiana!!! Of course, he was already in town, but still a healthy trip. And the highline was looking sweet!

Rob had to roll out and couldn’t join us on the tour, so that left us with 6 cars to tour from the meetup location to dinner, on both the beltway and the twisty backroads (which would have been more fun in the dry, drat).

Dinner was excellent at Famous Dave’s BBQ. Sorry Edwin couldn’t have made it… 😉

Oh, and Harry, Donna now wants a shorty sporty, to get the gear ratios and the better transmission that your car has. She says it feels effortlessly faster than mine. (’cause mine takes time shifting down, and the taller gearing doesn’t pull as hard) Damnit!!!!

Next up will be a meet in April, possibly on a Saturday, followed by one in May that may actually be a TSD rally from the meet point to dinner. Hopefully, as the weather improves though the summer, we can get more people out and have fun.

Thanks so much to all who came out!