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Spring Meet 2014

We’re looking to have a meet up this spring as the weather warms up. Probably similar to the last one, where we meet up at Security Square parking lot and tour to dinner. Let me know what dates in march work out for you guys! I won’t have an E38 this time, but I’ll bring the Volt so you can check out electric driving…

January 25th, 2014
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3 Responses to “Spring Meet 2014”

  1. mynameisphilip Says:

    just joined midatlantic7’s. had my e38 for 2 years now, i live in rehoboth beach delaware and I am definitely interested in going to the spring meet!

  2. admin Says:

    Date for the Spring Meet is Saturday, March 29 at noon! See you all there!

  3. aaron00740il Says:

    Oh yeah bring on the volt … mine has 13.4V coming out of the alternator all the time 😛

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