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Spring Meet 2015

Almost time for another spring meetup! Last time got rained on, hopefully this time will be a better day, and with more people! If you can’t bring your 7, bring yourself at any rate! So far it looks like sometime in mid May will be the date if that works for you guys!



April 6th, 2015
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4 Responses to “Spring Meet 2015”

  1. MyBimmerFromGod Says:

    Hi Chris!

    Yes! Would love to attend!
    Dates please?
    Thank you!

    ~ Marie ~

  2. MyBimmerFromGod Says:

    Hi Chris,
    Was wondering… Will there still be a Spring 2015 meet? I didn’t see any further info…


  3. admin Says:

    Looks like it’ll have to be moved to June, as I’ve been busy. How about the 13th at 2 pm?

  4. MyBimmerFromGod Says:

    Sat 13 June looks good! Looking forward to it!

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