May meets

Ok, right now, we have one scheduled meet, for either May 2nd or May third, to head up to PA to meet withthe Philly guys and Edwin from the Netherlands. May 2nd will be lunch in PA with a DIY fest afterwards, and Sunday would only be the DIY fest.

More details here:

Let’s meet at Maryland House, on I-95 by about 9:30 AM, so we can get up there at 11AM. Anyone that can’t get tehre by then, the directions are on bimmerboards. Just follow the link above. This is where we’ll meet:
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Also, it’s time to think about an actual local May meet and tour. I’d like to do this later in the month, when it’s more likely to be nice weather. Again, meet and greet at Security Square Mall parking lot, but I’d like to find a dinner location to tour to. Anyone that has any good ideas, just leave a comment and we can pick.

Lastly, I’m thinking it might be fun to just have a monthly meet at a local restaurant on a Friday evening, like the first Friday of every month, meet up at a local diner or something. What’s everyone’s take on that? Or we could meet here at the house and maybe do a bit of DIY too. There are alot of local 7 series owners around here. it’d bee cool to regularly see a group of the cars together… And I have the code readers to reset oil change lights and read and reset Check engine lights if anyone needs it.

Chris V.

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  1. What an absolutely incredible meet at Brian’s house in Pennsylvania, with Edwin, Simeon, and the rest! Those of you that couldn’t make it, you missed the best cheesesteaks in the world! Pictures are up in the gallery, plus in Edwin’s post here:

    Let’s all gather later this month locally! I’ll let everyone know this whee where and when.

  2. Hey Guys! My name is Duane Scott amd I live in Upper Marlboro, MD. I am the original owner of Titaniumseeker purchased new in August 1999, a 2000 740i Sport with Dinan upgrades and other mods (See my Cardomain page). I have about 134K miles on her and she is a daily driver now. It’s good to see this area have its own club . Looking forward to contributing and meeting all of you.

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