Winter Meet

So, who’s up for a small gathering/tour in December? Considering the rain that we’ve got on most of our other meets, a little chill should be par for the course… hehehehe.

Date is now Dec 6th, meeting up at Security Square mall again between 1-2pm, and touring to food. It’d be good to see some of the faces that didn’t make it up to the Philly group meet this last time. I’m going to try and get us into Full Moon cafe, so I’d need a tentative head count to let them know in advance.

Log in and let me know! You can also often reach me at 410.375.4899


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10 Replies to “Winter Meet”

  1. Hi Chris. This is Randy Martin. I met you in pikesville a couple months ago. I am trying to get acquainted with your web page/site. I still somewhat a computer dummy, but not completely dumb. I have never blogged or read blogs. So, help me a little. Is this where and how I can contact you. You left your telephone number on one of the web pages, but i thought I would venture out and try this first in order to get more familiar with the site. Thanks, Randy.

  2. So far we have about 3 people that said they’d like to show. But I’ve also heard there may be snow this weekend. If there is, yeah, we’ll cancel. My car is simply not happy with snow. 😉

  3. Hey Chris and everybody, I noticed this web page was down last week. Was the page really down or did I experience an internet issue on my end. Hence, I had no means to reply concerning our last event.

    Are all the beemers hibernating this weekend? I think its a good time for the old Buick…

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