Breakfast run to Annapolis

Hi, All!

We’re having a breakfast run to Annapolis Double T Diner with the BMWCCA National Capitol Chapter this Saturday, Feb. 21. Weather permitting (if it snows, no go! Ha!) I’m heading out from my house in Pikesville at about 7:30 or so, to met up with some of the BMWCCA members at the Columbia Park & Ride at Rt. 32 and Snowden River Parkway at 8:15 am.  The Double T is at 12 Defense St, Annapolis, MD, if people want to just meet there instead (though arriving with a group of 7s would be cool!).

Anyone wanting to meet up at my house in Pikesville, email me at

Hope to see some new faces!

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  1. Great fun! About 10 people in total showed up. My 7 series, a couple 3s, an E65 7 series, an e39 and a new 135 (that was already modded). Lots of BMW talk, and maybe doing something similar in the area a couple times a month, maybe under the BMWCCA auspices. They want to do the next one in Towson on Sat or sun. I’ll put info up on the website as I get it.

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