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Chris Vetters

I’ll start, as I’m creating this crazy group! My name is Chris Vetters, and I live in Pikesville, MD. My car is a 1998 740iL that now has 165k miles on it. I bought it two years ago off Ebay for the princely sum of $7500, and have spent some time modding it since then. It has 19″ RPM wheels w/Pirelli P Zero tires, an M style rear spoiler, smoked LED taillights, chromelined headlights, clear corner markers and side repeaters, and magnaflow performance catalytic converters to straight pipes to dual Magnaflow exhaust tips.

I’ve been playing with cars for 30+ years, first having a shop that did racecar/street rod/custom fabrication for about 10 years. It’s now just a hobby, as I was getting burned out on doing something I liked. I’ve owned over 100 cars in the last 30 years, from most major manufacturers, and everything from Pintos to Porsches. I’ve done road racing and autocross, both as a competitor and as an instructor. This 740iL is my “gentleman’s hot rod.” A grown up toy for someone who basically refuses to grow up, even though he has to grow old. Ha!

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  1. Hiya Everyone! My name is Bradley D. Walter. I live in Larksville Pennsylvania, a small town nestled in the pocono mountains. I drive a 2001 BMW 740il that has an incredible 217k miles on it. I bought it in October of 2008 from an ad posting on craigslist. I love this car more then life itself!! I’ve always been a fan of european cars owning several over the years, but this is my first one of this grandure. I am considering making the trek down for your March meet/greet/dinner so I’m looking forward to meeting other enthusists like myself!

  2. Hey all,
    Im Chris M. from Virginia Beach, VA. Last September I purchased a creme puff 01 740iL in Titanium/Black with only 49k miles. I’ve never owned a BMW product and was convinced by a friend to get it. I’m 27 and have owned 17 cars and this one gets the most attention of anything I’ve had. I appreciate the fact there is an E38 club in the mid-Atlantic area because as a former car club founder myself, I know how great it is to gather with fellow car enthusiasts. I was unable to make the last meet but will see if I can for April.

  3. Well, my name is Marvin T from Baltimore, MD. I purchased my beauty Se7en in ’07 with just under 70k ;). I’ve owned 4 BMW’s so far with this one being my greatest as i’ve been in love with this model since introduction and vowed….”One day….” I wish I could’ve made it to the meet but unfortunately had to work. Hopefully I’ll be able to catch up with some of you guys in the very near future.

  4. Hi Chris, my name is Carl W. Sorry I could not make your last meet. I work about 5 minutes away from Security mall. I own a ’01 Sport w/ about 175K miles. Look forward to meeting other BMW enthusiasts and maybe get some help on maintaining my beauty.

  5. Hi Chris. I submitted a message to you this morning; however, I was in the parts section of the web site. Please go to the Parts “blog” section(Is that what it is called?)to view my message. Just a reminder how internet dumb I am, so thanks again for your patience. I’ll get it all eventually. Looking forward to your reply.

  6. Hello all. My name is Ken. I’m from York and work in Baltimore. I have a 2000 740i, my second E38. Just got it a couple weeks ago, can’t wait to get to personalizing it. Always cool to see other E38 aficionados who are local 😉

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