March mini-meet/tour

Ok, everyone. I’m looking at doing a meet/tour to dinner in March. Just something short to kick off Spring. What I’m thinking of is meeting up at Security Square Mall parking lot on the left side of Security Blvd just after you get off of 695. The parking lot to the left of the first entrance is large and pretty much unused 24/7. We can meet up there about 2 pm on Sunday March 15, hang around for an hour or so and chat/meet&greet, then tour around the beltway to Falls Road and Greenspring Valley Road, around, say, 3-4pm, then heading back up the twisty Greenspring Valley to Garrison Forest, and on up to Owings Mills and Famous Dave’s for dinner. Here’s what I’m proposing for now:

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Let me know what you all think.

Chris V

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  1. Well, looks like the rain that was supposed to arrive back on Wednesday is going to be here tonight and tomorrow. Lovely. I’ll still be there, however, even if it’s just sitting in the car. Glad i washed it today… lol!

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