10 year anniversary of Midatlantic7s

This year marks the 10th year of Midatlantic7s. Hard to believe it’s been 10 years already! In that span of time I’ve had 2 E38s and met a lot of great owners and E38 enthusiasts.



This year, even though I no longer have an E38 (for the time being), we will still have events and gatherings. Look to this space for the next Midatlantic7s Meet, probably in May or June. And happy motoring to all my E38 friends!


Summer Meet 2017

Yup, it’s about that time. Fun driving roads, good food, great friends. August is the month, so get ready. First Sunday in August, the 6th. We’ll gather at Security Square Mall at 1pm and tour to lunch at the Full Moon Pub after hitting some twisty backroads along the way. Join us!


Summer Meet 2016

Hey all, it’s that time of year. We’re looking to meet in PA this time for our more northern members to make it easier than Baltimore. Probably in Mid July. I’ll keep you posted as plans come together. But let’s assume for our southern members to met here in Baltimore and road trip up together.

Edit: plans are for Sunday, July 10 at noon at Valley Forge Park in PA. We can meet up here at MD House rest stop on I95 at, say, 9:00 am and tour up there.



Summer Meet 2015

It’s that time. Summer Meet 2015 is almost upon us. This year it’s August 29, from 1:00 pm until whenever. This time the meet will be starting at the Owings Mills Mall on the east side of the mall (over by JC Penneys)


Easy to get to from I-795. We will be there for a couple hours, then caravan to “dinner”


Hope to see many 7s there this year!

Back in an E38

After a couple years of not being in a 7 series, I’ve got another one. This time it’s a 2001 740i Sport. Anthracite over black, it’s a beauty. I’ve wanted this combination since 2001 when I first saw one this color.  It’s a later ’01 with the widescreen nav, to which I’ve added a Grom Aux/USB/Bluetooth adapter to do handsfree calling and stream music from my phone. I also added angel eyes, and a little bit of flair in a couple small carbon fiber accents.

Spring Meet 2015

Almost time for another spring meetup! Last time got rained on, hopefully this time will be a better day, and with more people! If you can’t bring your 7, bring yourself at any rate! So far it looks like sometime in mid May will be the date if that works for you guys!



Spring Meet 2014

We’re looking to have a meet up this spring as the weather warms up. Probably similar to the last one, where we meet up at Security Square parking lot and tour to dinner. Let me know what dates in march work out for you guys! I won’t have an E38 this time, but I’ll bring the Volt so you can check out electric driving…

I love cars. But…

I love cars, but the problem is they are like schroedinger’s hobby. They’re always in a quantum superstate of being both awesome and a huge waste of time and money… until observation momentarily forces them into one state or another.

Winter update

Well, not much happening in Midatlantic7s this winter. But, I did manage to locate a replacement engine for my own E38, out in Ogden UT, of all places. Came out of a wrecked ’98 with 72k miles on it. Now comes the process of swapping out all the new parts from my old engine onto this one, and replacing a few gaskets as well, to make sure that the new one will last another hundred thousand miles. Aaron and harry have already said they would assist in the swap, as will my lovely wife (who has no problems diving in and getting her hands dirty). I’ll be sure to document every bit of the engine replacement so any of you who end up in a similar situation can follow along easily.

Fall update

Well, it’s been a rough summer. Before Hurricane Irene came through, my own 740iL died a horrible death at the hands of Mother Nature. It sucked up water when going through what turned out to be a deep puddle in an intersection and now needs a new engine. It sits in the garage waiting for spring when I can get to doing a swap with a replacement. During the same time period, Harry (audiavant) had an accident with his silver Shorty Sporty and totaled it. However he’s already replaced it with a newer black Sport model, so congrats to him, in a sense! Hopefully fall and winter find you all well and we can resume meets in the spring with a new outlook and some new cars!