Fall Meet 2010

Looks like we have a date and time for the Fall E38 meet with the NY, NJ, and PA guys, up at Valley Forge PA, Oct. 3rd. It’s a good central location to have a meet, then we can cruise to dinner locally.

Valley Forge meet

Sign in here and let me know if you can make it. Also, I’d like to have a late summer local meet at Owings Mills Mall on a weekday evening in September before the PA meet. Let me know what days would be good for everyone.


Click here for a map to the parking lot with address.

Spring 2010 meet

Hi! It’s that time! Time to shake off the Winter doldrums, do some spring cleaning, and get out and enjoy our cars! Time for another spring meet and tour. Since the other one worked out so well, we’ll do it from security Mall again.  Tentatively, it’s set for Saturday, April 24th. I know not everyone can make it out on a Saturday, but fewer can make it out on a Sunday. The plan is the same as before, meet up from 1-3pm at the mall, then tour on to food.

I’ve been meeting some new faces, and I hope to see you there! Watch this space for more info as we get closer.

View map of meet location



Spring Meet is done!

The meet was a rousing success. We had 13 cars in total show up, 11 that were able to make it on the tour. Big thanks to all that showed up and braved the possible inclement weather (which held off for the most part). Check in the gallery here for pics of the event. Some for your pleasure (click to enlarge):


Winter Meet

So, who’s up for a small gathering/tour in December? Considering the rain that we’ve got on most of our other meets, a little chill should be par for the course… hehehehe.

Date is now Dec 6th, meeting up at Security Square mall again between 1-2pm, and touring to food. It’d be good to see some of the faces that didn’t make it up to the Philly group meet this last time. I’m going to try and get us into Full Moon cafe, so I’d need a tentative head count to let them know in advance.

Log in and let me know! You can also often reach me at 410.375.4899


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I’ve noticed that there have been few gallery submissions, and a lot of empty galleries! Let’s all show off our cars in our own galleries, and any pics you have from previous and upcoming meets are very welcome in the gatherings gallery!

Fall’s here! Lets see some E38 and leaf peeping photos!!!!

Visit with Edwin in PA…

Saturday October 10th at 10:30am

To meet up withthe Philly grtoup and Edwin, we’re going to meet up at the MD House on I-95 by 9am, then head on up to the following meeting place:

Meet at the Triumph Brewing Company in New Hope, PA and drive along the Delaware river. There are parking spots all around the brewery — and another huge lot located all the way at the end. Depending on how many folks show up, we may opt to have lunch here, as well.

Triumph Brewing Co.
400 Union Square Drive, New Hope, PA

**PLAN “B”:** If available parking becomes a problem at Triumph’s lots, approximately 300 yards past the Union Square plaza on Rt 179 (aka West Bridge St) is the New Hope/Solebury Middle school on the right side. We can easily relocate the group there if need be.

Anyone needing to contact me that morning can call my cell, 410-375-4899. Hopefully I’ll be on the road by 8 am…


July 12 meet at BMWs In The Park

Hi, sorry for the quick notice. There is a meet supposedly scheduled for July 12, 3pm to whenever, at Clifton Park in Baltimore. I saw flyers for it in numerous shops in the area. I’m going to head down, and anyone who wants to hook up and head down with me is welcome, not just 7 series cars. Give me a ring @




If anyone wants to meet up at my house between 1 and 2 pm before heading down there. The house address is 514 Roland Ave

in Pikesville, MD

The actual meet is at “B” on this map:


June mini-meet



Summer is here and it’s time to plan a summer meet. Something that we can get all members out to, and invite our other regional friends (like the guys from Philly and points north, as well as any Southern owners that would like to come up). To that end, I’d like to have a quick, kind of impromptu gathering this Friday evening to pick a date and location. So I’m inviting all the local Baltimore area members to come out to the Owings Mills Mall parking lot (Front side, off of Red Run) at 7 pm Friday (June 26). We’ll gather there then cruise to food.


Hope to see some new faces!



May meets

Ok, right now, we have one scheduled meet, for either May 2nd or May third, to head up to PA to meet withthe Philly guys and Edwin from the Netherlands. May 2nd will be lunch in PA with a DIY fest afterwards, and Sunday would only be the DIY fest.

More details here: http://www.bimmerboard.com/forums/posts/648359

Let’s meet at Maryland House, on I-95 by about 9:30 AM, so we can get up there at 11AM. Anyone that can’t get tehre by then, the directions are on bimmerboards. Just follow the link above. This is where we’ll meet:
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Also, it’s time to think about an actual local May meet and tour. I’d like to do this later in the month, when it’s more likely to be nice weather. Again, meet and greet at Security Square Mall parking lot, but I’d like to find a dinner location to tour to. Anyone that has any good ideas, just leave a comment and we can pick.

Lastly, I’m thinking it might be fun to just have a monthly meet at a local restaurant on a Friday evening, like the first Friday of every month, meet up at a local diner or something. What’s everyone’s take on that? Or we could meet here at the house and maybe do a bit of DIY too. There are alot of local 7 series owners around here. it’d bee cool to regularly see a group of the cars together… And I have the code readers to reset oil change lights and read and reset Check engine lights if anyone needs it.

Chris V.

April meets…

Hi, all! Well, April is looking like a busy month for me, and i think the local meet and tour will be pushed off utnil May. But in april there are two events to talk about and plan for. April 11 is the Sonic Drive in car show and meet in Morgantown PA. I’m heading up there with the family, and gonna try and cruise with local bimmerforums members. it’d be great if we could get some of the local 7s to come along.

When: Saturday April 11th, 2009
Rain/Snow Date: April 18th, 2009
Time: Noon at Sonic
What: Meet and Cruise

to Sonic Drive In in MORGANTOWN, PA


More info here: http://forums.bimmerforums.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1170818

The other news is that on April 29, the Big E is coming back over from Europe, and is going to be in Philly with the Philly group of E38 owners, much like last year’s gathering. if you’d like to get your car’s computer recoded, this is the event to be at. Edwin is a great guy, and extremely knowledgeable about these cars. He’ll be there to the 7th of May. I’d like to meet up locally with a group and head on up there the morning of either the 2nd or 3rd of May.

That’s about it for now. Let me know what weekend in May would be good for everybody to get together locally, and think of some good place to cruise to dinner.


Additional April Fun!

April 18th, at 8pm, Mobtown Theater, Hampden MD (Baltimore)

Come see Mrs V. along with the rest of the Drop Three Improv Comedy Troupe do their thing on stage! If you ever saw the TV show, Who’s Line Is It, you’ll understand what’s happening. Drop Three does improvisational and sketch comedy, based on topics and suggestions from the audience. Hilarity ALWAYS ensues! Tickets are $10 each at the door, and snacks and beverages are available.

Mobtown Theater
3600 Clipper Mill Rd. Suite 114
Baltimore, MD 21211

Mobtown Map

Parts sources that can save you money!

Hi, all! I’ve been asked to put together a section of some of the parts sources I’ve found for both replacement and custom parts. One thing to remember, if you are a member of the BMW Club of America, you can get discounts on parts and service from most BMW dealers in the area, as well as a few independents. I’ve saved way more than the cost of the membership just in parts from Russell BMW!

This is the list, from the Nation Capitol Chapter:

The following lists participating dealerships and their associated price discounts.  Please note that this list is subject to constant change.  You must always present your BMWCCA membership card before ordering parts or requesting price quotes.

20% Off MSRP:

  • Russel
  • Tischer

15% Off MSRP:

  • Northwest

10% Off MSRP:

  • Towson

15% Off Dealers List Price:

  • Fairfax
  • Passport

10% Off Dealers List Price:

  • Arlington
  • VOB
  • Sterling
  • Tate

This can be very handy when you need a part or service and you can’t wait for something to ship from an internet vendor.

Here are some of the other vendors that people have had good luck with:


Max, the owner, is a great guy. he’s been known to help out customers that have been stranded far from home by sending parts to get them home, then working out payment afterwards. That’s a rare trait, and along with his support of bimmerboard.com, shows his company as one to be supported.

Autohauz Arizona

Another great source of replacement parts at wholesale prices.

Scubaa Steve

Great source of quality used parts.

Radiator AC Imports

This is where I got my Behr replacement radiator. About $150 and easy to change if you need to.

Car Parts Wholesale

Good source for body parts, like bumper trim and fenders. They also carry a bunch of custom parts like custom taillights, but things like that tend to cost quite a bit more than other sources (for example my LED taillights were $175/pair, but they list them there for over $300)

FCP Groton

I’ve used them, but have not had good luck with their parts. And a lot of other people on the forums have had their suspension parts go bad after a few short miles. There have also been stories of poor customer service/warranty issues.



Apparently, the owners listened to the complaints and changed suppliers. they admitted they lost their quality control and are taking steps to win back the BMW community. Follow this link to an informative post/thread on the subject. If this is true, it’s good news for all of us.


And of course, Ebay search one and search two. Some good deals, but some cheesy stuff, too. I got my LED taillights, clear corners, side markers, chrome trunk trim, painted rear spoiler, wheels and even good used tires from here.

Anyone else that has found some great vendors, or had bad luck with certain vendors, please, chime in and let your fellow E38 owners know about them!